Karanvir Sharma (Born 18 September 1981, Karachi, Pakistan) is a Hindi film and television actor. Karanvir is a model-turned-actor. He debuted with the film Sadda Adda. He has acted in 24: India (2013), the hindi film Zid (2014), Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017) and in several TV series such as Siyaasat (Epic TV) and Haq Se (2018). He is currently acting in the SAB TV new serial Mangalam Dangalam.

Karanvir Sharma does not have any previous connections with Bollywood or star kid status but his net worth is $ 02-10 million. Which is higher than some star kids. He started his career from minor roles then got the lead actor role!

Karanvir Sharma Controversies:
Affairs: Karanvir Sharma never involved in affairs controversy till yet.
Fight in public: Karanvir Sharma seen fighting with Aadhaar Employee about some argument. Karanvir also thrashed Employee mobile phone in anger. After this employee filled FIR against Karanvir also warned about going to court. [Source]
ZID hot scene: Karanvir acted in the movie Zid, this movie stares co-actors Mannara Chopra and Shraddha Das. Shraddha Das was unhappy with some scenes in the movie.  Shraddha Das said, "There was this scene that required the both of us to enter into a scuffle and she ended up hitting me for real. I told her to be less aggressive. I can understand you can perhaps slap someone for real to get a genuine reaction on screen, but I don't understand battering someone for the no reason." Then she also adds, "I cannot stand for her because of the injuries she inflicted on me again and again during the film shoot and I don't want to work with Mannara Chopra in future." Also, Mannara Chopra and Shraddha Das acted in some of the hot scenes in the movie which got big controversy. [Source]