Arshad Warsi Controversies:
Adani Electricity: Arshad Warsi seen angry on Adani Electricity regarding high bill and debited 1 lakh rupees. He shared this experience in twitter. [Source]
Hurting religious sentiments: In 2015 Arshad shared a tweet with a photo and added comment. The photo and comment was against the Hindu religious sentiments. This tweet got so much hate against Arshad later he also apologized. [Source]
Tweet about corona: Arshad Warsi shared a photo on twitter that shows chinese person is puted in cotton beg for stopping corona. The photo is from the Munna Bhai movie scene. After this Arshad got hate for beign racist. [Source]
The Legend of Michael Mishra controversy: Arshad Warsi got death threat for his dialogue in The Legend of Michael Mishra "Daaku Valmiki se Sant Valmiki ban jayenge!". [Source]
Arshad demonitization controversy: Arshad Warsi added tweet after banning 500 and 1000 rupees notes regarding demonitization. In this tweet he talked about tax payers etc this tweet got little controversy. [Source]