Chiranjeevi got so much love from the Hindi audience. Till yet he only worked in 150+ movies. His film Indra which was released in 2002 was dubbed in Hindi and then released on YouTube as "Indra The Tiger" via the "Goldmines Cineplex" YouTube channel on 17 Jan 2021. As of July 2022, Indra The Tiger Hindi dubbed version got more than 26 Million plus views on YouTube. His other movies got millions of views on YouTube. Some of his movies were released on OTT platforms!

In this article, I am sharing the Chiranjeevi Hindi dubbed films.

Chiranjeevi All Hindi Dubbed Movie List / Chiranjeevi Hindi Dubbed Movies List / Chiranjeevi Hindi Movies List / Chiranjeevi Dubbed Hindi Movies:
Note: We tried to include all his Hindi dubbed movies in which he worked as major or important roles!
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#Movie Name in TeluguRelease Year Hindi Dubbed Version Name and Watch Links
01Pranam Khareedu1978Not Found!
02Mana Voori Pandavulu1978Remade it in Hindi as Hum Paanch (1980)
03Kukka Katuku Cheppu Debba1979Not Found!
04Kotta Alludu1979Not Found!
05I Love You1979Not Found!
06Punadhirallu1979Not Found!
07Idi Katha Kaadu1979Not Found!
08Sri Rama Bantu1979Not Found!
09Kothala Raayudu1979Not Found!
10Agni Samskaram1980Not Found!
11Chandipriya1980Not Found!
12Aarani Mantalu1980Not Found!
13Jathara1980Not Found!
14Mosagadu1980Not Found!
15Punnami Naagu1980Remade in Hindi as Jeene Ki Arzoo (1981)
16Nakili Manishi1980Not Found!
17Kaali1980Not Found!
18Thathayya Premaleelalu1980Not Found!
19Love In Singapore1980Not Found!
20Prema Tarangalu1980Remake of the Hindi film Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978)
21Mogudu Kaavali1980Remake of the Hindi film Manchali (1973)
22Rakta Bandham1980Not Found!
2347 Natkal (Tamil film)1981Not Found!
24Ranuva Veeran (Tamil film)1981Zulm Ki Zanjeer [Watch Now!][529 Thousand plus views as of August 2022!]
25Parvathi Parameswarulu1981Not Found!
2647 Rojulu1981Not Found!
27Todu Dongalu1981Not Found!
28Tirugu Leni Manishi1981Not Found!
29Nyayam Kavali1981Remade in Hindi as Mujhe Insaaf Chahiye (1983)
30Oorukichchina Maata1981Not Found!
31Rani Kasula Rangamma1981Not Found!
32Srirasthu Subhamasthu1981Not Found!
33Priya1981Not Found!
34Chattaniki Kallu Levu1981Not Found!
35Kirayi Rowdylu1981Remade in Hindi as Hoshiyar (1985)
36Intlo Ramayya Veedhilo Krishnayya1982Remade in Hindi as Ghar Mein Ram Gali Mein Shyam (1988)
37Subhalekha1982Remade in Hindi as Shubh Kaamna (1983)
38Idi Pellantara1982Not Found!
39Sitadevi1982Not Found!
40Radha My Darling1982Not Found!
41Tingu Rangadu1982Not Found!
42Patnam Vachina Pativrathalu1982Not Found!
43Billa Ranga1982Not Found!
44Yamakinkarudu1982Not Found!
45Mondi Ghatam1982Not Found!
46Manchu Pallaki1982Not Found!
47Bandhalu Anubandhalu1982Not Found!
48Prema Pichollu1983Not Found!
49Palletoori Monagadu1983Not Found!
50Abhilasha1983Not Found!
51Aalaya Sikharam1983Not Found!
52Sivudu Sivudu Sivudu1983Not Found!
53Puli Bebbuli1983Not Found!
54Gudachari No.11983Not Found!
55Maga Maharaju1983Remade in Hindi as Ghar Sansar (1986)
56Roshagadu1983Remade in Hindi as Dav Pech (1989)
57Simhapuri Simham1983Not Found!
58Khaidi1983Remade in Hindi as Qaidi (1984)
59Mantri Gari Viyyankudu1983Not Found!
60Sangharshana1983Not Found!
61Allullostunnaru1984Remade in Hindi as Andaz Apna Apna (1994)
62Goonda1984Gunda [Watch Now!][29 Thousand plus views!]
63Hero1984Not Found!
64Devanthakudu1984Not Found!
65Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu1984Not Found!
66Challenge1984Not Found!
67Intiguttu1984Not Found!
68Naagu1984Inspired by Hindi film Teesri Manzil (1966)
69Agni Gundam1984Not Found!
70Rustum1984Not Found!
71Chattamtho Poratam1985Not Found!
72Donga1985Not Found!
73Chiranjeevi1985Not Found!
74Jwaala1985Not Found!
75Puli1985Not Found!
76Rakta Sindhuram1985Not Found!
77Adavi Donga1985Not Found!
78Vijetha1985Remade in Hindi as Saaheb (1985)
79Kirathakudu1986Not Found!
80Kondaveeti Raja1986Vikram Singh [Watch Now!][148 Thousand plus views!]
81Magadheerudu1986Not Found!
82Veta1986Not Found!
83Chantabbai1986Not Found!
84Rakshasudu1986Ziddi [Watch Now!][200 plus views!]
85Dhairyavanthudu1986Not Found!
86Chanakya Sapatham1986Not Found!
87Donga Mogudu1987Not Found!
88Aradhana1987Not Found!
89Chakravarthy1987Not Found!
90Pasivadi Pranam1987Not Found!
91Swayamkrushi1987Not Found!
92Jebu Donga1987Not Found!
93Manchi Donga1988Chatrapati Virendra [Watch Now!][284 Thousand plus views
94Rudraveena1988Not Found!
95Yamudiki Mogudu1988Chiranjeevi [Watch Now!][182 Thousand plus views]
96Khaidi No. 7861988Not Found!
97Marana Mrudangam1988Maut Ki Lalkaar [Watch Now!][01 Million plus views]
98Trinetrudu1988Aaj Ka Shahenshah [Watch Now!][65 Thousand plus views][Based on the Hindi movie Jalwa (1987)]
99Yuddha Bhoomi1988Not Found!
100Mappillai (Tamil film)(Special Appearance)1989Not Found!
101Attaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu1989Remade in Hindi as Jamai Raja (1990)
102State Rowdy1989State Rowdy [Watch Now!][175 Thousand plus views]
103Rudranetra1989Secret Agent Raja [Watch Now!][500 Thousand plus views]
104Lankeswarudu1989Not Found!
105Pratibandh (Hindi film)1990Pratibandh [Watch Now!][738 Thousand plus views]
106Engal Swamy Ayyappan (Tamil film)(Archive footage)1990Not Found!
107Kondaveeti Donga1990Kondaveeti Donga [Watch Now!][01 Thousand plus views]
108Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari1990Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari [Watch Now!][14 Thousand plus views]
109Kodama Simham1990Main Hoon Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi [Watch Now!][01 Million plus views]
110Raja Vikramarka1990Daulat Ki Duniya [Watch Now!][127 Thousand plus views]
111Stuartpuram Police Station1991Not Found!
112Gang Leader1991Naya Don [Watch Now!][04 Million plus views]
113Rowdy Alludu1991Not Found!
114Aaj Ka Goonda Raj (Hindi film)1990Aaj Ka Goonda Raj [Watch Now!][01 Million plus views]
115Gharana Mogudu1992Not Found!
116Aapadbandhavudu1992Raghuveer [Watch Now!][84 Thousand plus views]
117Mutha Mestri1993Not Found!
118Mechanic Alludu1993Not Found!
119The Gentleman (Hindi film)1994The Gentleman [Watch Now!][400 Thousand plus views!]
120Mugguru Monagallu1994Trishul [Watch Now!][01 Million plus views!]
121S. P. Parshuram1994Azad Desh Ka Andha Kanoon [Watch Now!][05 Million plus views!][Remade in Hindi as Khuddar (1994)]
122Alluda Majaka1995Not Found!
123Big Boss1995Not Found!
124Rikshavodu1995Deva The Power Man [Watch Now!][02 Million plus views!]
125Sipayi (Kannada film)1996Not Found!
126Hitler1997Not Found!
127Bavagaru Bagunnara?1998No.1 Mard [Watch Now!][01 Million plus views!]
128Choodalani Vundi1998Avtaar [Watch Now!][01 Million plus views!]
129Sneham Kosam1999Main Hoon Rakhwala [Watch Now!][13 Million plus views!]
130Iddaru Mitrulu1999Jeeva [Watch Now!][640 Thousand plus views!]
131Annayya2000Not Found!
132Sri Manjunatha (Kannada film)2001Mahadev [Watch Now!][01 Million plus views!]
133Mrugaraju2001Rakshak - The Protector [Watch Now!][12 Million plus views!]
134Daddy2001Daddy aka Meri Izzat [Watch Now!][04 Million plus views!]
135Indra2002Indra The Tiger [Watch Now!][26 Million plus views!]
136Tagore2003Gabbar Sher 2 [Watch on Zee5!][Watch on vimoviesandtv!]
137Anji2004Diler Daring [Watch Now!][08 Million plus views!]
138Shankar Dada M.B.B.S.2004Remake of the Hindi film Munna Bhai M.B.B.S (2003)
139Andarivaadu2005Ek Aur Himmathwala [Watch Now!][11 Million plus views!]
140Jai Chiranjeeva2005Bajrang [Watch Now!][07 Million plus views!]
141Stalin2006Stalin [Watch Now!][04 Million plus views!][Remade into Hindi as Jai Ho (2014)]
142Shankar Dada Zindabad2007Remake of the Hindi film Lage Raho Munnabhai (2006)
143Khaidi No. 1502017Watch Disney+ Hotstar! (Free with Ads)
144Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy2019Watch on Amazon Prime!
145Acharya2022Not Found!
146Godfather2022Upcoming Movies!
147Waltair Veerayya2023Upcoming Movies!
148Bhola Shankar2023Upcoming Movies!
149Auto Jaani2023Upcoming Movies!