Aparna Balamurali is born on 11 September 1995 in Thrissur, Kerala, India. Aparna Balamurali is one of the well-known actresses in Indian cinema. She worked in several successful movies. She is active in movies from 2013 to the present. Aparna Balamurali mainly worked in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu movies. Aparna Balamurali is mainly known for her work in Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016), Sunday Holiday (2017), and B. Tech (2018). Aparna Balamurali's acting is always loved and she is the inspiration for newcomers. Her unique style of acting is loved by the audience. Aparna Balamurali is one of the best actresses in Indian cinema. Aparna Balamurali acted in 25+ movies. Aparna is still unmarried. She made her Malayalam movie debut in Oru Second Class Yathra (2015) with actor Vineeth Sreenivasan. She made her Tamil movie debut in 8 Thottakkal (2017) with actor Vetri. She is next going to make her Telugu film debut in Aakasham (2022) with Ashok Selvan. Aparna is the daughter of Shobha Balamurali and KP Balamurali. Aparna won several awards for her acting work. Theethum Nandrum (2021) was her latest acted movie. If you open a chapter of India's best actresses then you will surely see Aparna Balamurali's name on that list. Apart from actress, she is also a good dancer and singer. She sang songs such as "Mounangal Mindumoree" from  Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016), "Thennal Nilavinte" from  Oru Muthassi Gadha (2016), "Vinnil Theliyum Meghame" from  Pa Va (2016), "Mannippaya Ena Ketkadhe" from  8 Thottakkal (2017), "Mazha Paadum" from  Sunday Holiday (2017), "Thanthane" from  Naadu (Music Album) (2017), "Kanyamariyame" from  Kanyamariyame(Music album) (2020), "Veyil Choodum" from  Veyil Choodum (Music album) (2021), and "Ninnil ninnum Njan" from  Hased (Music album) (2021). She is next going to work in Nitham Oru Vaanam (2022), Aakasham (2022), Ula (2022), Untitled film co-starring Karthi (2022), Padmini (2022), Sundari Gardens (2022), Untitled film co-starring Unni Mukundan (2022), and Veetla Visheshanga (2022).

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#Movie NameRelease Year Verdict Language
1Maheshinte Prathikaaram2016BlockbusterMalayalam
2Sunday Holiday2017Super HitMalayalam
3B. Tech2018HitMalayalam