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Wolf Like Me (2022–): Wolf Like Me series is a comedy, drama, and fantasy series. Wolf Like Me was released on 13 Jan 2022 in Australia. Wolf Like Me is only for 16+ audiences rated for viewers. Wolf Like Me is 13 episodes each 30-60 minute long. Wolf Like Me is directed by Abe Forsythe. Wolf Like Me is written by Abe Forsythe, Chris Peckover, Chloe Stearns, Mike Symonds, and Mishna Wolff. Isla Fisher, Josh Gad, Ariel Donoghue, Anthony Taufa, Emma Lung, Honour Latukefu, Audrey Nitschke, Paul Pantano, Justin Rosniak, Vincent Stone, Edgar Ramírez, Robin McLeavy, Alan Dukes, Geoff Morrell, Felix Williamson, Rachael Blake, Dan Wyllie, Eliza Logan, Andrew Crawford, Brian Rooney, Jessica Wren, Cheree Cassidy, Riley Jo Downing, Zindzi Okenyo, Nash Edgerton, Emily Barclay, Jake Ryan, Josh Quong Tart, Catherine Van-Davies, and Robyn Nevin played important roles in the series. IMDb rated the series 7.3/10 as of 10 February 2024.

Wolf Like Me (2022–):
Series Name: Wolf Like Me
Released-YeaR: 2022–
Wolf Like Me is Rated as: Only for 16+ audiences!
Does Wolf Like Me series is Family-Friendly?: Only for 16+ audiences!
Wolf Like Me Release Date: 13 Jan 2022
Wolf Like Me series duration / how long is the Wolf Like Me series?: 13 episodes each 30-60 minute
Wolf Like Me Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Wolf Like Me Director: Abe Forsythe
Wolf Like Me Writer: Abe Forsythe
Chris Peckover
Chloe Stearns
Mike Symonds
Mishna Wolff
Wolf Like Me Based On: Original!
Wolf Like Me Cast:Isla Fisher
Josh Gad
Ariel Donoghue
Anthony Taufa
Emma Lung
Honour Latukefu
Audrey Nitschke
Paul Pantano
Justin Rosniak
Vincent Stone
Edgar Ramírez
Robin McLeavy
Alan Dukes
Geoff Morrell
Felix Williamson
Rachael Blake
Dan Wyllie
Eliza Logan
Andrew Crawford
Brian Rooney
Jessica Wren
Cheree Cassidy
Riley Jo Downing
Zindzi Okenyo
Nash Edgerton
Emily Barclay
Jake Ryan
Josh Quong Tart
Catherine Van-Davies
Robyn Nevin
Wolf Like Me Series Language: English
Wolf Like Me Series Released Country: Australia
Wolf Like Me DVD Release date: Not Applicable!
Wolf Like Me Series Budget: Not Known!
Wolf Like Me Series Box Office Collection Worldwide: Not Known!
Wolf Like Me Series Box Office Verdict: Not Known!

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Wolf Like Me (2022–) Story in Short
Gary is an emotional wreck and struggles to provide for his daughter since the death of his wife. Mary has a secret she can't bring herself to share with anyone. The universe brought these two together for a reason.

Wolf Like Me (2022–) Ratings:

IMDB7.3/10 as of 10 February 2024 [Wolf Like Me IMDB Page!]
MetacriticNot Found!
Rotten TomatoesNot Found!

Wolf Like Me Songs Soundtrack Music List:

Song Name and Singer
By Piers Burbrook de Vere

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